A selection of my digital art referencing
commonly used products/services and
turning them into parodies  of

I was inspired to produce these by  
similar art for both "Garbage Pail Kids"
and "Wacky Packages" , both series of
humorous and  disgusting trading cards
in the 80's often using parodies and play
on words to accompany the artwork.

All names used are strictly fictitious and
are not based on actual facts.   
2010 -12

I participated with a group of artists to
produce individual pieces of art based
on one word briefs.

There would be weekly events with a
brief to produce a piece of digitally
painted art with a specific subject
matter summed up in one word.

This meant each artist was open to
interpretation with no restriction, other
than the piece of art had to include
subject matter associated with the
relevant word. This produced a great
variety of work.

Under each piece or work is the briefs
word associated with it.
Digital Paint
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2013 © Ben Hendrich - All rights reserved.  Artwork, animation and images must not be reproduced or used without prior permission
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2013 - "FOXY SOUL"

This piece is inspired by the credits
from the film "Foxy Brown" (1974). I also
took inspiration from the TV series
"Soul train" where members of an
audience would dance to a soul based
backing track also from 1974.

I also took inspiration for the colours
from a pair of trainers:

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2013 © Ben Hendrich - All rights reserved.  Artwork and images must not be reproduced or used without prior permission
2013 -Graffiti

A few graffiti inspired pieces , painted in

"OPITZ" / "ACEE" / "BEN"